Mobile Thermo Fogger Model 2108

Mobile Thermo Fogger With Towing Hitch

Hitch the Model 2108 to your garden tractor, fork lift or golf cart in seconds with no lifting or tugging. Its 20″ ball bearing wheels are always ready to go and will handle any terrain that your vehicle can take.

Converts oil based formulations into approximately 42,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. The two-stage heating system, prevents degradation of heat sensitive insecticides while creating a fine, billowy fog.

Model 2108 is particularly popular with campgrounds, parks, warehouses and food processing plants.

Accessories for the 2108 Mobile Fogger:

Model 201 Push Kit. Converts the Model 2108 from a pull behind fogger into push fogger in just minutes. This allows fogger use when vehicle is not available or when distance and/or area favors walking with the fogger. Kit contains U-shaped handle and kick stand assembly, for stable parking.


  • Large 20″ ball bearing wheels
  • Easy attachment to most vehicles with a hitch pin
  • Big 3″ mouth on formulation tank for easy filling
  • Low maintenance-easy start Briggs&Stratton engine
  • Flameless
  • One year limited warranty
Specifications – Mobile Thermo Fogger Model 2108
Engine Briggs & Stratton Heavy duty, 4-cycle
Horsepower 5 h.p.
Fuel Lead-free gasoline
Type Unit Thermal Fogger: using oil-based insecticides
Heating Principle Two-stage Turbo Fogger
First Stage: “Friction-disc” that pre-heats oil based insecticide
Second Stage: exposure to hot exhaust air blast
Formulation Output Controllable: 0-6 gallons per hour
(Dry fog, 4 gallons per hour)
Filter Cleanable/Replaceable
Fog Particle Size Controllable: 0-50 microns
Flameless low temperature
Fuel Tank Capacity ½ gallon
Formulation Tank Capacity 5 gallons
(Accessible, extra-large fill area reduces spillage)
Engine Running Time 1 ¼ hours
Starter Manual
Weight 82 pounds
Shipping Weight 87 pounds
Shipping Dimensions (L)25″ (H)21″ (W)25