Campground Mosquito Foggers

Campground Mosquito Foggers

Ensure Your Customers Enjoy a Pest-Free Camping Experience

Pests are more than just an irritant to campgrounds and campers; they can ruin the entire camping experience.

Mosquitoes not only prohibit your campers from enjoying your campground and all it has to offer, but they are also a legitimate health risk to your guests.  The most effective way to protect your campground from mosquitoes is regular fogging with our Thermo Fogger thermal fogging machine.

Campground Mosquito Foggers by Thermo Fogger

Model 2108
Hitch the Model 2108 to your garden tractor, fork lift or golf cart in seconds with no lifting or tugging. Its 20″ ball bearing wheels are always ready to go and will handle any terrain that your vehicle can take. Converts oil based formulations into approximately 42,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. The two-stage heating system, prevents degradation of heat sensitive insecticides while creating a fine, billowy fog. Model 2108 is particularly popular with campgrounds, parks, warehouses and food processing plants.
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