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Mosquitoes Swarm Central Florida

Most complaints are for large hordes of big, black mosquitoes that are vicious biters. They are just one of 40 different species in Central Florida, but they lay eggs in flood water. The recent heavy rains from a tropical system that passed over about two weeks ago means all the bugs are invading now.

Osceola and Seminole Counties are also seeing the same increase in calls about swarms of mosquitoes. re putting off the use of an airplane. But Seminole County says they do plan on starting aerial spraying overnight this weekend. Large trucks spray areas at night to kill adult mosquitoes, but new ones can return to the same area the very next night.

Because some mosquitoes can be very aggressive and fly 5-10 miles from where they hatch, Orange County recommends wearing repellant with DEET if you have to be outside around dusk or dawn. Don’t expect the recent cooler weather to help. The mosquito experts say night time temperatures need to fall into the 40s to slow them down, and be below freezing to completely kill off the pests.